Global Cooperation

The working group has published the article “M2020 – A MISSION FOR THE PLANET, A MISSION FOR EUROPE” which you can download here.

Coordinator: Kira Vinke, Germany

European solidarity reaches beyond the borders of the continent and extends from the present into the future. In current waves of populist attacks against science and especially climate science, Europe’s leadership on climate action continues to be essential. Securing the perspective of a just future and a safe operating space for humanity, concerning our own and coming generations, is a global task in which a strong and representative Europe has a crucial role.

With significant current and historical shares of global greenhouse gas emissions, Europe carries high responsibilities to instigate and to inspire change. Fortunately, Europe has the tools, the capacity and the convening power to transform internally and to decisively contribute to global climate mitigation and adaption. While no single European player can solve the climate crisis alone, jointly the European nations can work as powerful actors promoting global climate action. Social and technological innovations from Europe have the potential to be diffused globally and at the same time the continent can work as hub for novel ideas and experiences in climate protection prevenient from other countries and regions also engaged in climate protection.

Over the course of more than two decades of international climate negotiations, it has become clear that civil society and individuals have to reappropriate responsibility and give impulses to national and international diplomatic processes. The transformative power of civil responsibility towards climate protection was experienced through the unprecedented bottom-up process in which the Paris Agreement was achieved. Fulfilling the important promises of this planetary agreement however, remains a local task that requires the involvement of cities, communities and individuals. In Praxis Europa we are seeking collaborators to build a vision of a common future and take action on climate justice together.