Praxis Europa launched (and already on TV…)

Foto: (c) Birgit Hupfeld/Schauspiel Frankfurt
v.l.n.r.: Claus Leggewie, Felix Koch, Mischa Gabowitsch, Roman LŽeandre Schmidt

Dear friends, Praxis Europa was launched yesterday to a full house at Schauspiel Frankfurt. A great many of you are wondering what to do against the nationalist International. We will soon publish a list of noteworthy initiatives — in the meantime, speak out for Europe where ever you are (at your workplace, in your political party, or in your favourite pub).

For those of you who speak German, here’s a story on Praxis Europa and other pro-European initiatives (from national television network ARD) :

One thought on “Praxis Europa launched (and already on TV…)”

  1. Good start, stay togheter, strengthen the Europen values against Frauke Petry, Marine le Pen, D. Trump and Wilder and give a Europe of different speeds a chance! We need Europe – we do not need fences and xx-states first. Catch the language of the populists, analyse and make political framings of the their offensive and loud language abuse, publish it and fight against any fashist ideas in particular in Germany. We have had enough of these criminals in 1933 – 1945 and their holocoust against the jews and sintis. What we need is variety and stay together as Supra Nation al Union – no Polish, no Hungarian Extrawurst! Cut their European monney donations and they follwo first and – again stay clearly for a c loear cut Brexit! I mourn to loose the British culture and British way, really – but now it gone and : You cannot have the cake and eat it – either you have (EU) it or you eat it (Brexit).

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